6 reasons why iPhone users are abandoning cases and screen protectors

iPhone owners swear by cases and screen protectors. They use these add-ons to preserve the sleek and shiny condition of their expensive smartphones. After all, screen replacements cost hundreds of dollars.

While the use of screen protectors and cases is the norm, many are abandoning them nowadays. And they have surprisingly good reasons. See if the following points justify the risk of carrying around a bare iPhone.


1. Apple continuously improves the drop resistance of the iPhone

Black iPhone with a cracked screen on a sofa

Apple was notorious for using dim screens. Most smartphones break in drop tests, but iPhones generally experience long, deep cracks faster. Hence, the need for screen protectors and cases.

While there is still some truth to this stereotype, Apple has made dramatic improvements to durability in recent years. For example, in 2020 it released iPhones with Ceramic Shield front glass. The technology makes iPhone 12 and newer models more resistant to drops, scratches and normal wear and tear.

Naturally, Ceramic Shield screens will continue to break. Drop test videos like the one below show modern iPhones breaking after a six-foot drop.

But in all honesty, people rarely drop their phones that high. A report from Business Insider shows the iPhone 13 Pro Max taking drops to the waist, which is the most common occurrence.

2. Cases make iPhones heat up even faster

iphones on fire

iPhones tend to heat up quickly. Your device will feel hot after watching 4K videos, playing graphics-rich games, or running GPS apps. Give your iPhone a rest if it shows signs of overheating.

However, some people use CPU intensive apps and games on their phones for long periods. Your phone won’t experience much downtime if you use different work tools and messaging platforms at the same time.

In these situations, focus on the external factors heating up the phone, such as the phone case. Thick phone cases trap heat. Not only will your device heat up faster, but it will also take much longer to cool down.

For safety reasons, an overheated iPhone will automatically stop charging and show a charging pending notification. You will need to wait for your iPhone to cool down before charging it again.

3. iPhones without cases are status symbols

Many Apple users treat naked iPhones as status symbols. The trend comes from various beliefs. Some think the cases look cheap, while others just want to imitate celebrities with naked iPhones.

Either way, the trend is surprisingly popular. Time Magazine has even written about famous wealthy people like Elon Musk and Jay-Z carrying iPhones without cases. Supposedly they exude “invisible wealth” vibes.

4. The naked iPhone looks aesthetic

Zoom in on the camera of a gray iPhone 11

Naked iPhones have a gorgeous design. Users are obsessed with their devices sleek, glossy finish and sharp, defined edges, so much so that they ditch the cases. For them, aesthetics trump conservation.

And it’s a really good idea to show the design of the iPhone from time to time. People rarely take off their bags. Many iPhones spend their life hidden inside cases and screen protectors – users don’t even see what they look like.

5. Consumers are updating their iPhones more frequently

Most of the consumers these days update their phones frequently. They have little incentive to invest in long-term device protection. A longitudinal study by SlashGear shows that 55.47% of smartphone users buy new devices every two to three years. Heck, some even update every year.

6. Mini bags and purses are very trendy

A small pink handbag next to lipstick, magazine, glasses and iPhone

Small purses and jeans with fake pockets are impractical. They give you very little space. Unless you have a slim phone with no case, you’re going to have trouble putting anything else into it.

That said, they’re also fashion staples. They’ve been around for decades—people aren’t going to suddenly stop buying them for thick cases.

Should you risk carrying a bare iPhone?

Only remove the case and screen protector at home. Using a bare iPhone in busy, crowded public places carries too much risk. So, it’s best to get used to using it first and weigh the pros and cons before fully committing to a bare iPhone.

Remember that they serve different purposes; In addition to minimizing drop impacts, the cases and screen protectors repel dust, improve grip and prevent cracking. So, don’t abandon them altogether.

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