AI chips are hot. Here’s what they are and why investors see gold

San Francisco What’s most interesting about the technology is an unattractive sliver of silicon closely related to the chips that power video game graphics. It’s an AI chip, specifically designed to make building AI systems like ChatGPT faster and cheaper.

Such chips have suddenly risen to the center of what some experts see as an AI revolution that could reshape the tech industry and possibly the world along with it. Shares of Nvidia, the leading AI chip designer, jumped nearly 25% last Thursday after the company forecast a huge surge in revenue that analysts said pointed to increased sales of its products. The company was briefly worth more than $1 trillion on Tuesday.

This photo provided by chipmaker Nvidia shows the company's HGX H100 module, which can use up to eight AI chips to train AI systems and perform other tasks.  Such AI chips are tiny bits of silicon designed to simplify and accelerate the development of AI systems like ChatGPT, making them one of the hottest items in technology.


Not an easy question to answer. There really isn’t a fully agreed-upon definition of an AI chip,” said Hannah Dohmen, research analyst at the Center for Security and Emerging Technology.

Broadly speaking, however, the term encompasses specialized computing hardware for handling AI workloads, such as training AI systems to tackle difficult problems that can choke conventional computers.

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