AI imagines Scarlett, Emilia Clarke and other Hollywood actresses on a spiritual journey through India. Look at the pictures

Another day, another reason to be shocked/scared by AI. In another completely random tip, a person obtained the Midjourney AI software to create images of Hollywood actresses who are located in India. The photos included AI-image versions of Scarlett Johansson, Emilia Clarke, Natalie Portman, Zendaya, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston, Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie and Emma Watson. (Read also: AI imagines Shah Rukh Khan as Rambo, Ajay Devgn as Maximus and Anupam Kher as Yoda. Look at the pictures)

Photos and reactions to them

Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence, Emilia Clarke might look like this if they ever come to India seeking inner peace.

The AI-generated photos show the actresses dressed mostly in saffron-colored sarees, wearing bindis, desi bracelets, earrings and rudraksha beads around their necks. Some even wore headscarves over their heads while the scenes behind them showed monks and ordinary people walking around the temples. The women all look happy and beautiful as themselves.

Sharing the images, she wrote the original poster on Instagram, Against a captivating backdrop, imagine a Hollywood actress, known for her glamorous appearances on the silver screen, deciding to embark on a spiritual journey to India. She embraces the path of an Indian monk and finds herself walking the ancient streets of Varanasi, a city renowned for its profound spirituality and religious significance.

Reacting to the photos, one fan said: Great. I loved this series. Another wrote, Black Widow kitni mast lag rahi hai bahi (Black Widow looks too good). Again…wonderful…a job so well done, commented another.

The link of the actors with India

Angelina talked about India in an interview with HT City in 2021. She said, I don’t know if it’s population density [or something else]but there is this [feeling of[ humanity which is very present (in India). Because of the nature of (the country), be it on the trains or in the streets, you feel right [when you are] Together. She first visited India in 2006 to shoot her own film, A Mighty Heart, and indulged in a few tourist activities including a ride in an auto rickshaw. She also met refugees from Afghanistan and Burma during her stay in the country.

In 2019, Emilia visited India with her Game of Thrones co-star Rose Leslie. NAMASKAR India, she wrote in her Instagram post about her trip to India. This is NOT an ad, it’s just two girls buzzed in our faces about India, peace, being blindly robbed by monkeys, (we hardly fight) best two books I’ve read in years (#theoverstory should be mandatory reading the worldwide), yoga, spices, mother earth and understand that whatever you are looking for can be found within. Corny as hell, but my god is it true.

Zendaya was recently in India for the launch of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre. She joined the event with her boyfriend Tom Holland and wore a saree-inspired dress.

What is Midjourney

According to the Midjourney website, Midjourney is an independent research laboratory exploring new means of thinking and expanding the imaginative powers of the human species. We are a small self-funded team focused on design, human infrastructure and artificial intelligence. We have 11 full-time employees and an incredible set of consultants.

Lately, people from all over the world are using it to create interesting images depending on the suggestions they give them. Recently, some have imagined Bollywood stars as old men.

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