Attention! Traffic fines captured on AI cameras from midnight

Thiruvananthapuram: AI cameras installed by Motor Vehicle Department and KELTRON to monitor traffic violations and fine offenders will start working at full capacity from midnight. Furthermore, from Monday 5 June, the procedure for the imposition and imposition of the sanction in the event of ascertainment of traffic offenses would start.

Camera rollout is nearing completion across the state.

The authorities had previously decided to postpone the imposition of fines on offenders as part of raising awareness of the Safe Kerala project, the initiative to enforce road traffic regulation.

The fine would be levied through the application of the Central Road Transport Ministry’s Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS). This would later be handed over to the United States.

No exemption for motorcyclists with children, union minister says

Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari said no exemptions would be given to motorcyclists with children. Previously, the state government said people traveling with children under 12 on two wheels would be tax exempt. But the Union Minister said allowing the exemption was illegal.

Categories exempt

Vehicles, including VIP vehicles and ambulances, would be tax exempt after inspection.

KELTRON has already hired up to 110 employees in district-level control rooms. Thirty-six additional staff members will be appointed over the next two days.

No e-challan for most vehicle owners
Meanwhile, more than 70 million vehicle owners of around one and a half crore registered vehicles in the state would not receive e-challan of violations as SMS. As the mobile number and email id details of those vehicle owners have not yet been added to the motor vehicle departments portal, the e-challan cannot be sent to them as an SMS. The central road transport ministry has entered the details of the owners of vehicles registered after 2019. Kerala had started the works for the same in 2017 itself.

The MVD contains the master data of owners of vehicles registered from 2017 and of vehicles registered before 2017 and who had subsequently contacted the MVD for various needs. However, there are as many as 70 lakh vehicle owners, who do not fall into any of these categories.

They can be notified of the traffic violation and the order given to pay the fine only through the notice sent by post. Those who receive the SMS will also receive the challan by post.

The procedure
Offenders would not immediately receive an SMS upon discovering a traffic violation. This would take seven to 13 days. In the first stage, the operator in the control room confirms whether it is a violation by evaluating the image/view from the AI ​​camera. This would be sent to the central server in Thiruvananthapuram. The traffic officer will approve the same, after which the challan will be sent to the vehicle owner by SMS and by mail.

The appeal may be filed within 14 days of receipt of the appeal at the respective enforcement branch of the Regional Transportation Office of the jurisdiction where the violation was found. Those who go to appeal only have to pay the fine after this step.

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