ChatGPT makes a typo and the internet can’t ignore it

Since its launch in November last year, ChatGPT has become a popular tool among people for a wide range of activities. From writing essays and poems to generating business ideas and solving exam questions, users have been actively using this AI chatbot and sharing their experiences on social media. Recently, an individual shared a screenshot showing a notable typo made by ChatGPT. Predictably, it quickly gained traction, sparking discussions and generating humorous responses.

Screenshot highlighting the typo made by ChatGPT. (Reddit/@hairball201)

While sharing a screenshot on the Reddits r/ChatGPT community, one individual wrote: Has anyone ever seen GPT-4 make a typo before? The screenshot shared online features a prompt about pet store registration issues, which at first glance seemed correct. However, there is a typo. The user noticed it and expressed curiosity about its meaning. They asked ChatGPT, I’ve never seen the word infringement before, what does it mean? The AI ​​chatbot then clarified that the correct term should violate and even provided its own definition.

Check out the Reddit post here:

The screenshot, since it was shared a day ago, has received over 9,100 upvotes and a flurry of replies from Reddit users. Broken! ChatGPT is human only, reads a comment to the post. One individual wrote, Your training data must be full of typos. I wonder if that’s where it comes from. To this, the original poster replied, In his own words, As an AI developed by OpenAI, I don’t make typographical errors in the same way a human typing on a keyboard might. However, sometimes I get incorrect or unexpected output due to the way I was trained. For example, if a word or phrase is used infrequently or inconsistently in the data I’ve been trained on, I may be using it incorrectly. Alternatively, sometimes the words can get confused or combined during the generation process. In this case, the counterfeit appears to have been a concoction of counterfeit and potentially some other word or phrase. I apologize for any confusion caused.

It was at this point that they realized ChatGPT was just a typing farm in a distant land, commented another. A third shared, Yes and sometimes creates completely new words. Maybe it’s the Turing test kind of situation, but in reverse. The API is periodically exchanged with a real human to see if you would notice, posted a fourth. A fifth remarked: Wait a second? Is chatgpt just a dude in a basement?

Some have even chimed in to share their experiences of encountering typos generated by ChatGPT. YES. Yesterday he wrote that the dam burst like damn burst. He used the word aguish the other day and was confused and confused a while ago. Just because the car he made doesn’t mean it’s perfect, wrote one Reddit user. Another joined, he makes typos in other languages. GPT 3.5 makes a lot of typos, for example in Swedish. GPT4 is much better and rarely makes typos in Swedish, but it happens. I had never seen one in English, but of course it can happen.

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