Concert workers get paid, Fidelity cuts Reddit’s rating, and AI takes over Minecraft

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Loyalty on Reddit: This week, Fidelity, the lead investor in Reddit’s latest funding round in 2021, cut the estimated value of its stake in the social media platform by 41% from the investment. The devaluation, part of a larger trend that has hit a variety of growth-stage startups around the world over the past year, raises uncertainty about whether Reddit will maintain its initial intent to go public at a valuation of around $ 15 billion.

Amazon Prime data: Amazon is considering offering low-cost or possibly free domestic cell phone service to Prime subscribers in the United States, according to a new report from Bloomberg. The tech giant is reportedly in talks with Verizon, T-Mobile, Dish Network and AT&T.

Gig workers get paid: Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and other app-based transportation and delivery companies will have to pay California gig workers potentially millions of dollars in unpaid vehicle expenses between 2022 and 2023. The backlog comes from a Proposition 22 provision, the controversial law that classifies gig workers as independent contractors rather than employees and promises them half-hearted protections and benefits.

Volkswagen’s trump card: Volkswagen is banking heavily on the upcoming ID.Buzz electric van. With vehicle availability still a year away, the automaker is counting on years of pent-up anticipation to not only sell the bus shrouded in nostalgia but also have it act as a halo product to bring customers to the full lineup of EVs. of the brand. .

Shopify Launches Shop Cash: Shopifys Shop app is introducing a new rewards program called Shop Cash, the ecommerce platform announced on Friday. The new program is funded by Shopify and earns shoppers 1% on purchases made using the online payment service Shop Pay.

Stripe Gets Credit: Stripe wants to make it easier for businesses to access credit. The private financial infrastructure giant today announced a new charge card program from Stripe Issuing, its commercial card issuance product. Denise Ho, head of product at Stripe, gave TechCrunch exclusive details to read the piece Mary Ann.

AI Conquers Minecraft: AI researchers have created a Minecraft bot that can explore and expand its capabilities in the game’s open world, but unlike other bots, this one basically wrote its own code through trial and error andmany of GPT-4 queries. Called Voyager, this experimental system is an example of an embodied agent, an artificial intelligence that can move and act freely and intentionally in a simulated or real environment.

YouTube shorts, in minutes: Dumme, a startup putting artificial intelligence into video editing, is already generating demand before opening to the public. The Y Combinator-backed company has hundreds of video creators testing its product, which leverages AI to create short-form videos from YouTube content, and has a waiting list of more than 20,000 pre-launch, it says .


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