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After working with Finnish communications technology provider Nokia for more than a decade to drive global expansion and create what it says is the largest carrier and data center neutral interconnect ecosystem, DE-CIX has launched the business of Internet Exchange (IX) in Helsinki.

DE-CIX said that over the past 10 years, Nokia has responded to its specific regional needs and requirements with world-class hardware and was pleased to bring its interconnection services to the homeland of technology companies.

DE-CIX offers its interconnection services in over 40 metropolitan markets in Europe, Africa, North America, the Middle East and Asia. Accessible from data centers in over 600 cities worldwide, it connects thousands of network operators (carriers), Internet service providers (ISPs), content providers and corporate networks in over 100 countries; and offers peering, cloud and interconnection services.

The new IX is now available at Equinix data centers in Helsinki (HE-CIX), with more enabled sites to be announced in due course. The opening takes place in parallel with the launch of a new digital hub, which will form an important part of the DE-CIX interconnection ecosystem in the Nordic countries.

Customers in Finland can now benefit from direct access to over 50 clouds, more than 2000 local and international networks and over 250 data centers in Germany, Southern Europe, the US and Asia under a single contract.

Additionally, DE-CIX in Finland will serve as a digital hub for regional connectivity, enabling low latency local area network interconnection and localization of global content, while increasing network stability, scalability and security. The DE-CIX interconnection and cloud platform also offers service and automation capabilities, including access to the DE-CIX Self-Service Portal and the DE-CIX API.

DE-CIX will further extend its presence in the Nordic countries with two new Internet exchanges in Denmark and recently announced that two locations in Norway are ready for service.

Representatives of Nokia and DE-CIX activate Internet Exchange in Finland

The DE-CIX Apollon interconnect and cloud platform includes cloud routing services for enterprises to manage their hybrid and multicloud scenarios and gain control of their data beyond the public internet.

Using the one access, all clouds, every network approach, DE-CIX will bring its InterconnectionFLEX service to Finland, designed to provide enterprises with a complete interconnection package as a solution for cloud connectivity, virtual private network interconnections and peering directed between networks.

The relationship between DE-CIX and Nokia is described as based on joint R&D efforts and standardization initiatives and, according to the companies, has resulted in reliable, low-latency and seamless peering and interconnection services for customers global.

Nokia has shipped hardware such as the new FP5 network processor, which is designed to support 800GB Ethernet. This technology can be found in the latest Nokia 7750 SR-14s models, which DE-CIX uses at its IX in Frankfurt, one of the largest Internet exchanges in the world, with a data volume of almost 34 Exabytes per year (from as of 2022) and nearly 1,100 connected networks.

We are proud to celebrate this important milestone with DE-CIX. Our 10-year journey together has been paved with innovations and we are delighted to build on this success, said Rafael de Fermin, senior vice president of Nokia’s network infrastructure business in Europe. Together, we are continuing DE-CIX’s innovative vision by expanding its interconnection services to meet growing demands not only in Finland but around the world.

Thomas King, CTO of DE-CIX, added: As we provide local and international businesses with a modern and scalable infrastructure to gain control of their business-critical data journey, we are delighted to continue having Nokia as a trusted partner.

We look forward to our joint response to the world of tomorrow, where emerging technologies such as future digital applications for the immersive internet are already setting new standards for latency, data security and redundancy.

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