Democratize HPC with multicloud to accelerate engineering innovations

Today’s research is essential because it fuels tomorrow’s innovations. The speed and breadth of innovations are increasingly based on technology-driven research and engineering using High Performance Computing (HPC). That is why democratizing HPC through the cloud known as Cloud for HPC can deliver significant benefits to all of humanity.

Cloud for HPC is helping move HPC usage from the fringe to the mainstream by providing all researchers, engineers and organizations with access to this critical resource for innovation. There is, however, one important caveat: all Cloud for HPC solutions are not created equal. More on this in an upcoming section. First, let’s examine the organizational value of HPC-based innovations.

The ROI of HPC-based innovations

HPC delivers value to most organizations, regardless of industry. A study of Hyperion1 estimates the return on investment (ROI) of HPC to be $44 in profit for every dollar invested in HPC. To put into context, for an HPC system purchased for $100,000 from a private company, the analysis estimates the profit will be about $4.4 million, shares Hyperion.

Beyond ROI, HPC is game-changing for scientists and engineers. HPC is catalyzing breakthroughs for some of the world’s most complex and pressing challenges with incredible speed and accuracy. Here are some results of HPC’s breakthrough capabilities:

  • HPC modeling and simulation helps engineers test jet engines without destroying a single one$10-40 millionjet engine.2
  • Previously, it took 10 years to fully sequence the DNA in a seawater sample. With HPC, it takesless than a week.3
  • HPC is helping to accelerate the green energy transition. For one company, Cloud for HPC has reduced implementation time by95%in the design and testing of new engineering pumps, drill heads and regulators.4

And this is only the beginning. Nearly every CEO today understands that leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) is a path to business viability. Flagship companies are leading the way while laggards are facing the risk of obsolescence. And the changes are coming at warp speed. HPC usage will skyrocket as Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) and Generative AI increase the need for more HPC resources.

A shortage of HPC access

As demands and computational intensity grow, organizational IT challenges grow in nature. This is because application portfolios are growing and architectural requirements are becoming more diverse. As a result, organizations are looking for more effective ways to deploy their infrastructure and leverage on-demand computing architectures.

When it comes to HPC, traditional on-premises HPC often has very high utilization rates and is at its peak because it cannot scale elastically. In other words, organizations are getting close to fully utilizing their HPC clusters and there isn’t much unused capacity left. This means researchers and engineers have to wait in line to get their work done, delaying projects and stalling progress. For example, long-term workloads such as COVID research in recent years may take priority over HPC, excluding access to other projects. In other cases, project start dates can take top priority and exacerbate HPC access issues.

Another notable challenge creating an HPC access shortage is affordability. Organizations that can’t afford on-premises HPC capabilities still need access to its computing power to solve pressing problems and stay competitive.

The much-needed answer to these two challenges can be found in the cloud.

HPC designed for a multicloud world

Enter Cloud for HPC, which enables organizations to have the best of both worlds for HPC resources. Dell Technologies recently partnered with Rescale to do just that and provide organizations with a hybrid on-premises and multicloud HPC solution.

The Dell HPC On Demand solution enables organizations to accommodate unpredictable peaks in demand alongside traditional on-premise HPC deployments. It does this with a mixed hybrid cloud and on-prem approach, expanding HPC access and capacity as needed and on demand. For organizations that lack the resources to implement HPC on-premises, Cloud for HPC provides ready, affordable, and out-of-the box access, democratizing HPC across industries, company sizes, and geographies.

However, not all Cloud for HPC solutions are created equal.

Customers appreciate the unique features of Dell Technologies andRescale’s HPC On Demand solution. This includes features like no vendor lock-in, a unified control plane to manage hybrid multi-cloud/on-premises resources, and the ability to seamlessly transition from on-premises to cloud, shares Shervin Sammak, Ph.D., HPC Manager of product, Dell Technologies. In short, the HPC On Demand solution helps organizations effectively scale HPC capacity as their business grows.

Cloud for HPC: things to know before you go

HPC On Demand offers distinct benefits to organizations with features such as:

User centric.Get anytime, anywhere access without waiting time using a simple and intuitive SaaS-like user interface.

Unlimited.Get any scale, architecture, application, cloud, and use case.

Connected.Access a globally connected and distributed network for remote multi-team collaboration.

Intelligent.Optimize performance and cost for any type of workload and automatically route workloads to the best architectures.

Automated.Gain end-to-end visibility and policy-based control across teams, projects, and users with a single point of automation across multiple clouds, architectures, and regions.

With HPC On Demand, we help organizations manage peak computing requirements, get broad application support, and reduce IT maintenance burdens. This frees up resources to focus on other business priorities while providing on-demand access to HPC resources, says Edward Hsu, chief product officer, Rescale.

Accelerate the future with cloud for HPC

HPC On Demand is democratizing HPC and accelerating technology-based innovations. The solution helps organizations with and without existing on-premises HPC by expanding access and providing scalability. The world’s next breakthrough research and engineering innovation can leverage the new capabilities of the cloud for HPC and help shape a stronger future in industries such as science, healthcare, aerospace and energy transition green. This is a noble goal important to scientists, engineers and each of us.


Dell HPC On Demand offers customers a flexible and cost-effective solution for their HPC needs. With the ability to seamlessly move into the cloud and optimize multicloud spending, customers can moderate their budget and avoid unplanned spending. The absence of vendor lock-in also ensures customers the freedom to choose the best resources for their needs.

Learn more about Dell HPC solutions at High Performance Computing | of the United States

Rescale offers high-performance computing built for the cloud. Since 2011, the revolutionary Rescale platform has made it easy for scientists and engineers to leverage the most advanced software and computer architectures for AI-driven research. Rescale helps organizations accelerate innovation in life sciences, transportation, energy, semiconductor, aerospace, manufacturing and other industries. With Rescale HPC-as-a-service, organizations can access any application, on any architecture and at any scale, all on the cloud of their choice. Learn more about the partnership between Rescale and Dell.


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