Google Wallet is rolling out support for state IDs this month

Google Wallet users will soon be able to add their ID or driver’s licenses to Google Wallet. Announced today, anyone with a Maryland ID or driver’s license can now save their ID in the Google Wallet app on any phone running Android 8.0 or later with device lock enabled. Google has been testing digital state ID cards for Wallet since December of last year, and Maryland was also one of the first states to bring the feature to Apple’s Wallet app for iPhone. The new Google Wallet support will also be rolling out to residents of Arizona, Colorado, and Georgia in the coming months, with more states to follow.

Google is working with many states and international partners on mobile devices, said Dong Min Kim, director of product management at Google Wallet, at The limit. The mobile driver’s license will be a phased rollout and will expand to other states over time. We plan to work with all states interested in offering mobile driver’s licenses, based on state availability and other integration logistics.

Soon you will be able to quickly add personalized membership cards and travel passes to Google Wallet as long as they have a barcode or QR code.
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This update also introduces the ability to create a digital version of any card or membership that displays a barcode or QR code such as a gym membership or library card by simply taking a photograph. Google Wallet already supports a range of different passes and loyalty subscriptions, but these typically rely on third-party operators adding their own support for the feature. Following this new update, Wallet users will be able to save things like transit QR tickets, parking passes, and even e-commerce return QR codes that an equivalent digital card wouldn’t normally have.

Sticking with the transit theme, Google is also making it easier for you to complete travel check-in procedures on your phone before arriving at the airport or train station, as long as you’re still a Google Messages user. Those using Google Messages with RCS enabled will be able to receive tickets and boarding passes directly in the Messages app, from which they can be saved in Google Wallet. Vietnam Airlines and Renfe, Spain’s main train operator, will be the first two travel companies to support the feature. Google hasn’t mentioned a release date for any of these new Wallet features, only noting that both are coming soon.

Google Wallet users will soon be able to add boarding passes to the app directly from Google Messages.
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Google is also working with health insurance company Humana to develop a digital version of the provider’s health insurance card that will allow Humana members to access their insurance information directly from the Wallet app. UK residents will also be able to save their social security number (a UK equivalent of social security numbers) in their wallet from within the HMRC app. These cards and passes have added security over things like travel tickets and require users to verify their identity using methods such as fingerprint or PIN scans each time they are added, viewed or used. Health insurance cards and passes that contain similarly sensitive information will be labeled as private passes within Google Wallet.

Finally, users in Germany can now save a Deutschlandticket, a monthly season ticket that can be used on all local public transport, to their Google Wallet. Google also anticipated that it will begin introducing company badges into Google Wallet later this year, allowing employees to securely log into their workplace without a physical staff pass.

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