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In a recent press release and accompanying blog post, Google unveiled a plethora of exciting new Android features for users. These improvements extend to smartphones, tablets, and wearables, bringing a wave of innovation to the Android ecosystem.

From the introduction of Nearby Share for Windows to the arrival of Spotify on Wear OS and even the expansion of the Emoji Kitchen, it’s safe to say that Android enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to.

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What are the new features of Android?

Google’s introduction of new Android features brings a number of exciting advances to the Android ecosystem. From expanding Nearby Sharing to Windows devices, making it easy to seamlessly share content, to introducing Reading Practice, improving language development while reading, and expanding Emoji Kitchen with new options at water theme, Android users have a lot to explore and enjoy.

Let’s take a closer look at the new Android features together!

Nearby Share expands in Windows

One of the standout features of the new Android features is the expansion of Nearby Sharing to Windows devices, which allows for easy sharing of content between Android and Windows platforms. This development is in response to the ease with which Apple users can share media via AirDrop between their iPhones and Macs.

The addition of Nearby Sharing on Windows opens up new possibilities for Android users, allowing them to seamlessly exchange content between different devices. While still in beta, the Nearby Share feature is already available for users to test. Compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows 10 and above, this feature facilitates seamless sharing between nearby devices.

Reading practice for young people

To help users, especially young readers, expand their vocabulary and sharpen their reading skills, Google has introduced the Reading Practice feature.

This tool is intended to provide assistance when reading compatible ebooks, aiding in the acquisition of new words. Users will now find a “Practice” button within their ebooks, which audibly speaks each word in a sentence, encourages self-reading, and offers valuable pronunciation feedback.

With the launch of Reading Practice in Google Play Books version 8.1, Android users can now embark on an immersive reading journey that fosters language development and improves overall reading proficiency.

New dishes in Emoji Kitchen

Emoji Kitchen gets a delightful expansion in the new Android feature update. By combining different emojis, users can create completely new and expressive icons.

In response to user requests, Google is introducing a selection of water-themed emojis, with the spotlight on shark, dolphin and whale emojis. This addition enhances the creative possibilities within Emoji Kitchen, allowing users to express their emotions and ideas in unique and engaging ways.

Emoji Kitchen receives a number of new combinations alongside new Android features – Image: Google

Three new home screen widgets

The latest feature release introduces three new widgets designed to elevate the functionality and personalization of Android home screens.

First, Google TV features a widget that provides personalized movie and TV recommendations, ensuring users never miss out on engaging content.

Second, Google Finance introduces a handy widget that allows users to track the stocks of their choice, allowing them to stay informed about the latest financial developments.

Finally, Google News offers a widget that displays the latest headlines, allowing users to stay up to date with ease. These new widgets enhance the home screen experience, giving users quick access to relevant information and personalized recommendations.

Make yourself at home

Google continues its commitment to seamless integration by streamlining the setup process for Matter-enabled smart devices in the new Android feature update. Users can now easily connect these devices to their smart home ecosystem by scanning the QR code using the Google Home app.

To use this feature, Android devices must be running Android 8.1 or newer, be paired with a Matter-enabled Google hub device, and have access to a Wi-Fi network with Bluetooth Low Energy (4.2) or higher. This streamlined setup process ensures a hassle-free experience for users, allowing them to easily expand their smart home capabilities.

These updates demonstrate Google’s commitment to innovation and further solidify Android’s position as the leading mobile platform. As users eagerly embrace these new Android features, the future promises even more advancements in the Android ecosystem.


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