Surfing the Internet, Local Investments Translate to Successful Fiber Internet Launch in Culver, Indiana

Surf Internet, Local Investment Results in Successful Launch of Fiber Internet in Culver, Indiana

Surf Internet celebrated the rollout of its fiber optic Internet services in the city of Culver, Indiana with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, May 31st. At the heart of the launch was over $530,000 from the Culver Redevelopment Commission, as well as nearly $800,000 in private investment from Surf Internet. A story like Culvers … Read more

Quantum entanglement shatters Einstein’s local causality: The future of computing and cryptography

Abstract plasma quantum circuit physics

Researchers at ETH Zurich have performed a loophole-free Bell test with superconducting circuits, confirming quantum mechanics and disproving Einstein’s concept of local causality. The results open up possibilities in distributed quantum computing and quantum cryptography. Researchers at ETH Zurich have succeeded in demonstrating that far-distant quantum mechanical objects can be correlated with each other much … Read more