Ultra-Processed Foods: Artificial Intelligence’s New Contribution to Nutrition Science – Neuroscience News

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Summary: Researchers have developed a machine learning algorithm, FoodProX, that can predict the degree of processing in food products. The tool rates foods on a scale from zero (minimally or unprocessed) to 100 (highly ultra-processed). FoodProX fills the gaps in existing nutrient databases by providing higher resolution analysis of processed foods. This development is a … Read more

This AI game hides in plain sight. It also happens to pay a large dividend.

This AI game hides in plain sight.  It also happens to pay a large dividend.

One of the more tempting bets on AI is hiding in plain sight. It’s a company that everyone knows, a tech giant that has focused its business for years around the cloud and artificial intelligence. It also has one of the highest dividend yields in the tech sector. There are reasons why the market is … Read more

Why C3.ai CEO Tom Siebel is ‘declaring victory’

Why C3.ai CEO Tom Siebel is 'declaring victory'

To really get a sense of the market excitement and concerns about the future of AI, look no further than C3.ai , which has the ticker AI. The stock has been rocketing this year, ending 2022 at just over $11, and just this week it traded as high as $44. Even after giving up some … Read more

Pentagon awards SpaceX contract with Ukraine for Starlink satellite internet

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The Pentagon said Thursday it had agreed to purchase Starlink satellite internet terminals from Elon Musk’s SpaceX for use in Ukraine. The Pentagon declined to offer further contract details, including the price, scope and timing of delivery. Starlink is SpaceX’s global network of more than 4,000 satellites, providing services to more than 50 countries. Ukrainian … Read more

Cloud Computing and Blue Sky Thinking: An atmospheric scientist illuminates the science of clouds in Earth’s sky and beyond


Studying the physics and microphysics of cloud formation and behavior in the laboratory helps scientists understand our planet and those light years away WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Alexandria Johnson does hard science on the nebulest of topics: clouds. As an atmospheric scientist and assistant professor of practice in Purdue University’s College of Science, she studies … Read more