The best Moto G Power chargers, cables and accessories 2023

Pair your phone with the right accessories to make the most of it.

The 2023 model of the Moto G Power brings some nice upgrades over its predecessor. It has a new display and support for 5G, among other things, and remains an excellent choice for those who want the best battery life. One thing to note about the new Moto G Power model is that it supports charging speeds up to 15W, but Motorola only includes a 10W charger in the box. I’m glad it comes with a charger, but you’ll need a better one to recharge its 5,000mAh battery to full charge rate.

You’re in the right place if you’re looking to buy a new charger for the new Moto G Power because I’ve highlighted some of the best options in the roundup below. I’ve added a few more items, including the best cables, smartwatches and other accessories, so be sure to browse the entire list before checking out your cart to see if you want to add anything else to get the most out of your new phone.

  • A render showing the Anker 511 20W Nano Pro Charger in white color.

    Anker 511 20W Nano Pro Charger

    Editors Choice

    Anker’s 20W 511 Nano Pro Charger is the one I’d choose to go with the Moto G Power 2023. It’s a compact charger that features a single USB-C port and can deliver a full 15W of power to your phone.

  • 03-1

    Nexodo UGREEN 45W

    The best dual port charger

    If you want a little more power to charge two devices simultaneously, Ugreen’s Nexode 45W GaN Charger is a good option to consider. This is a compact dual USB-C port charger that can deliver a full 15W of power to your phone even when both ports are used at the same time.

  • Anker 735 GaNPrime charger on transparent background.

    Anker 735 GaN Prime 65W Charger

    premium choice

    Looking for a charger that can charge multiple devices at the same time? This three-port charger from Anker has you covered. The GaN-powered charger has two USB-C ports and one USB-A port and can deliver a full 15W of power to your Moto G Power through the first USB-C port even when the other two ports are in use.

  • A rendering showing Shargeek Sharge Flow in white color.

    Shargeek Sharge’s stream

    Compact power bank

    Shargeek Sharge Flow is one of the smallest power banks available on the market. It packs a 10,000mAh battery in a form factor as small as a credit card.

  • Otterbox Premium Fast Charge Power Bank on transparent background.

    Otterbox Premium Fast Charging Power Bank

    The best high capacity power bank

    The Moto G Power 2023 is good enough to last for a weekend, but what if you want more power? I would say get this premium battery pack from OtterBox which holds a 20,000mAh unit.

  • A rendering of the UGREEN car charger in gray color with two USB ports.

    Ugreen 2-Port Fast Car Charger

    Best car charger

    The UGREEN fast car charger features an aluminum shell and packs two ports: Type-A and Type-C. It can deliver up to 20W of power via the USB-C port, which is enough to quickly charge your Moto G Power.

  • Amazon Basics USB-C cable on a transparent background.

    Amazon Basics USB-C cable

    Best replacement cable

    If you’re looking to replace the USB-C cable that came with your Moto G Power 2023 for some reason, check out this Amazon Basics USB-C to USB-C cable. It’s six feet long and goes easy on your wallet.

  • A rendering of the Anker Nylon Braided USB-C to USB-C Cable.

    Anker USB-C cable

    The best nylon braided cable

    This USB-C to USB-C cable from Anker is more durable than the one you get with your phone in the box. It’s not as cheap as Amazon Basics cable, but it’s more durable and will last longer in comparison.

  • Rendering of OnePlus Nord Buds 2

    Source: OnePlus

    OnePlus Nord Buds 2

    Cheap in-ear headphones

    If you’re looking to purchase a pair of wireless earbuds to use with your new 2023 Moto G Power, consider purchasing the OnePlus Nord Buds 2. These earbuds pack a punch, offering great audio output and active noise canceling support. noise at an affordable price.

  • Soundcore Life Q30

    Anker Soundcore Vita Q30

    The best over ear headphones

    Premium headphones can get quite expensive, so if you want something more reasonable, the Soundcore Life Q30 is a solid option. Despite their low price, they still have features like ANC and last up to 60 hours on a charge. These are great over-ear headphones for the budget conscious.

  • Amazfit GTR Mini Ocean Blue

    Amazfit GTR Mini

    Best budget smartwatch

    GTR Mini from Amazfit offers a classically styled watch that looks great and is comfortable to wear and a complete fitness companion. This watch is ready for up to 14 days of battery life to help you with everything from tracking your heart rate to tracking over 120 workouts.

  • Bracketron-One-Click-Clamp-Mount-Product-Tag

    OneClick Bracketron clamp mount

    The best car holder

    This particular car mount is perfect for phones like the Moto G Power that are on the larger side. It has large rubberized clamps that secure virtually any smartphone and hold them in place even on a bumpy ride.

The best Moto G Power chargers, cables and accessories 2023

These are the best chargers and other accessories that I recommend to buy for Moto G Power 2023 model. I use it as a secondary charger for some of my flagship phones that need more power and it is perfect for Moto G Power as it can provide full power of 15 W without a hitch. It’s also more compact than what Motorola includes with the phone in the box, so you should definitely get it if you hate carrying around bulky chargers. Plus, I’ve also included a few extras like a reliable car charger and a couple of battery packs for when your phone’s battery runs low on the go.

Motorola G Power 2023 on transparent floating background showing the front and back of the phone

Motorola Moto G Power (2023)

$280 $300 Save $20

The Moto G Power offers impressive battery life, a great screen, and a fair price. But it lacks in areas like performance and cameras.

I haven’t included any cases in this roundup because my colleague Timi, who reviewed the 2023 model of the Moto G Power for XDA, has rounded up some of the best cases, so don’t forget to check out his recommendations for a good protective case . Oh, or an excellent screen protector to keep your phone’s display free of cracks.

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