Top 5 MoCA Adapters for Fast Internet Speeds

An Ethernet connection can be both faster and more reliable than Wi-Fi. However, you may not have access to Ethernet in every room of your home. Even if you want to do the wiring, you’re going to have to spend a lot of money that may not be worth it. So what is the solution you ask? Well, you can get a MoCA adapter, also known as an ethernet to coax adapter.

best MoCA adapters

Coaxial cables are cheaper and are found in most homes. With the help of a MoCA adapter, you can reuse coaxial cables in your home to facilitate an Ethernet connection. It is a cheaper alternative and will give you stable and fast internet connectivity. With many options available, we’ve compiled a list of the best Ethernet to coax adapters you can buy to make your job easier.

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Let’s now look at the adapters.

1. Deca Broadband DirecTV

Maximum speed: 100Mbps

DirectTV adapter

The Deca Broadband Adapter is the most affordable ethernet over coax adapter you can buy. The package includes two adapters, power cords, and Ethernet cables for connecting to your computer.

One of the adapters plugs into the source of the coaxial cable while the other plugs into where the cable ends. This way, the connection is complete and you can run an ethernet cable from the adapter to your computer.

Keep in mind that while the Broadband Deca MoCA adapter can be installed without problems, it limits internet speeds to just 100 Mbps. While the speeds should be sufficient for most users’ basic needs, they will leave power users wanting moreover. Therefore, we recommend checking out other options on the list if you want to take advantage of faster internet speeds.

2. Translite Global MoCA 2.5 adapter

Maximum speed: 2.5Gbps

Translite moka adapter

The Translite MoCA adapter can reach a maximum speed of 2.5Gbps, which is incredibly fast when comparing with the Broadband Deca adapter. In fact, you even get a Gigabit Ethernet port limited to 1Gbps which lets you have two connections at the same time.

Unlike DirecTV’s adapter, the Translite Global MoCA 2.5 adapter comes in a pack of one. The reason is that the Translite adapter also works with MoCA-enabled routers. If your router ticks the right boxes, you can set up the Translite MoCA adapter in a couple of minutes.

Simply place the Translite MoCA 2.5 adapter where you want the Ethernet connection, connect the coaxial cable to it, and plug the RJ45 cable into your computer. If your router doesn’t have MoCA support, you’ll need to purchase two adapters to connect to each other.

Users in the review section say that the Translite Global adapter is among the best MoCA adapters out there. The same can be attributed to the ease of use of the adapter and the fast speed of the Internet. Plus, the adapter also has two Ethernet ports instead of one, which is great.

3. Motorola MoCA 2.5 adapter

Maximum speed: 2.5Gbps

Motorola adapter

Motorola is mostly known for its mobile devices. However, the brand had a strong presence in the networking space back in the day. And it seems the company hasn’t forgotten its roots as Motorola’s MoCA 2.5 adapter has a single Ethernet output with speeds up to 2.5Gbps.

Moto’s MoCA adapter speeds can go up to Translite’s since they are both MoCA 2.5 adapters. But it is worth noting that the Moto adapter has only one Ethernet out port while the Translite adapter featured two connectors. Unless you have two computers to connect via Ethernet, the Motorola adapter may be a better option for many.

The reason is that the brand offers excellent support and the same has been mentioned in the user reviews as well. To that end, Motorola offers a two-year warranty along with professional customer support if you can’t figure something out. This is extremely beneficial for new users who may experience difficulties setting up the adapter.

Just like Translite Global, the Motorola adapter plugs into an existing router if it has Moca support. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy two.

4. Hitron tethered adapter

Maximum speed: 2.5Gbps

Adapter for Hitron moka

Hitron also offers a pack of 2 MoCA adapters for setting up Ethernet over coax in your home. One adapter is placed near the router while the other is in the area where you want the ethernet connection. If the router already supports MoCA, the other adapter can be used to create a new node in a different spot in the house.

A different node essentially means that you can use your router’s MoCA capabilities to connect to two different adapters. This way, you can get an Ethernet connection in two different regions within the house. So if you have two bedrooms you can get fast internet in both.

Hitron promises speeds of 2.5Gbps on a supported network. Reviews say that Hitron adapters are the best alternatives to Wi-Fi extenders as there is no drop in speed. Also, you can cover a large area as two adapters are included in the package.

5. ScreenBeam Network Adapter

Maximum speed: 2.5Gbps

Screen adapter

If you’re looking for a slightly more reliable MoCA 2.5 solution with good support, the ScreenBeam adapter is the way to go. It is significantly more expensive than the Hitron adapter mentioned above. However, it’s also more reliable in the long run, at least according to reviews.

The highlight of the ScreenBeam adapter is that it can apparently stand the test of time. In fact, several users in the reviews section say they have been using it for a couple of years now without any problems. Please note that we have listed the starter kit which includes two adapters. However, the device can be entangled in different kits, depending on your needs. To that end, if your router supports MoCA, you can simply purchase a single adapter.

ScreenBeam also provides advanced security with MPS technology or Moca Protected Setup to protect all devices on the network. If you plan to use the ScreenBeam adapter in an office space, you can connect up to 16 devices to a single node. If you want a fit-and-forget solution, consider purchasing the ScreenBeam MoCA converter.

Frequently Asked Questions about MoCA adapters

1. Is an ethernet over coax adapter a better solution than a direct ethernet connection?

A direct ethernet connection in places where there is no wiring can be tedious and expensive. Therefore, a MoCA adapter is recommended in such situations. It’s much cheaper and doesn’t affect your internet speed.

2. How to choose the best ethernet to coaxial adapter for my use?

If you don’t game or stream, a standard adapter with a 1Gbps limit should suffice. If you watch a lot of content, stream your gameplay, etc., it’s best to opt for a 2.5Gbps network adapter.

3. Is Ethernet over coaxial cable a reliable solution?

Several users who have used MoCA adapters swear by it. It’s an affordable and reliable solution for getting high-speed Internet in areas where an Ethernet cable won’t reach.

Speed ​​up your home internet connection

If you have a large house, a Wi-Fi connection is not enough if you want high-speed Internet in all areas. While mesh networks are useful to some extent, nothing beats the reliability of an Ethernet connection. So, get a MoCA adapter for your home to enjoy high-speed wired Internet wherever you want.

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