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How was your work week? Maybe it was tough, maybe it was a blast. Anyway, it’s the end of the week and, once again, here we are with NextPit’s selection of free apps and games from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store that are released twice a week, once on Tuesdays and once a week. other on Friday. To make the most of your time, these apps usually come with a price tag attached, but for a limited time only, they can be installed on your iPhone or Android smartphone for free. Let’s see what’s on offer this weekend!

Usually these are paid apps on Google Play and Apple App Store that require you to shell out some cash, but every now and then there are developers who have decided to spread the love by making their apps available to the masses for free. This is what we do twice a week, in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, looking for the best deals. Get them today on your Android or iPhone before they go back to paid status.

Keep in mind that while the list of apps here is free at the time of publishing, these deals tend to expire without notice based on the whim and whim of the developer. The promotional period for apps on these platforms can be both unpredictable and end abruptly.

You should know that we have some form of quality control as we have made sure that this list of free apps does not contain any low-rated apps. However, we didn’t install and test them like we do our top 5 apps of the week. Therefore, we advise you to pay attention and conduct your research before downloading any of these apps, as some may contain in-app purchases or hidden costs.

Tip: If you find an interesting app in our list but you don’t need it now, install it and then delete it. This saves it to your app library, allowing you to install it later for free, even after the promotion ends.

Android apps available free for a limited time

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Lights [4.2-stars / $0.99]: Do you dream a lot but somehow can’t remember them? Learn the art of lucid dreaming with this particular app.
  • Text-to-speech offline [3.8-stars / $0.99]: Want to use your voice as a voiceover? This app does. Use it whenever you need a human voiceover…
  • ColorMeter camera [3.5-stars / $1.99]: Want to identify the different kinds of colors around? Use this app to get the job done.

Android games

  • Empire Warriors: Tower Defense [4.3-stars / $0.99]: A cartoonish tower defense game that will definitely keep you hooked on your screen with its highly addictive gameplay.
  • Legendary Defense 4 HD [4.6-stars / $0.49]: It’s not just about muscles, but also about the brain. Discover your strategies as you try to defeat the dark forces.
  • Evertale [4.6-stars / $0.99]: Capture monsters, train them and make them evolve! Sound familiar?
  • Cartoon craft [4.7-stars / $1.99]: Remember Warcraft? Well, this one is much nicer in terms of graphics, but it’s not as simple as you think for a mobile RTS.
  • Grow the zombie [4.3-stars / $1.99]: Do you have what it takes to grow the best zombie possible from a hodgepodge of starting materials? How powerful will your zombie become?

iOS apps available for free for a limited time

iOS apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • DayCost Pro [4.5-stars / $2.99]: Track your expenses with this great app that helps you manage your finances better.
  • Easy Calculator HD [4.9-stars / $0.99]: Need a pocket calculator everywhere you go and the stock calculator just doesn’t do the job? This one does it with a nice “key” sound!
  • Magic Launcher Pro widgets [4.0-stars / $0.99]: An elegant app that allows you to launch all the apps in the App Store without missing a beat. It certainly makes using an already easy UI… well, easier!
  • SMS filter for Doge [4.6-stars / $0.99]: Filter your incoming text messages with this app so you don’t get inundated with spam and other useless and time-wasting messages.
  • Ad blocker for YouTube [4.5-stars / $2.99]: Hate Ads on YouTube but Are They Too Cheap for a Premium Membership? Perhaps this app could make your viewing experience more enjoyable.

ios games

  • Roterra – Turn the fairy tale upside down [4.8-stars / $1.99]: There are over 80 handcrafted puzzles where you have to find the right path to locate the exit in each level.
  • Cartoon craft [4.5-stars / $1.99]: Orcs clash with humans in this RTS which has extremely cute graphics, but don’t confuse it with ease!
  • The Sense Point [4.0-stars / $2.99]: A clay game that is beautiful to look at, where you indulge in this visual adventure title.
  • Sooty [4.9-stars / $1.99]: A logic brain teaser that will make your mind race every day. Do you dare to try?
  • Dig Deep: Gold Digger [4.6-stars / $1.99]: Remember Dig Dug? That classic game gets new graphics with new gameplay elements as you work your way to riches.

That’s all for now when it comes to this weekend’s free apps! Our sincere hope is that you find something worth installing here, both for now and for later. What do you think of our list for this weekend? In case you are looking for some online games to whet your gaming appetite without needing an internet connection, check out our story linked below.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the selections for this weekend before we start curating another roster next week. Did you find other cool apps or games on Google Play Store or Apple App Store? Share your tips with us in the comments!

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