Galaxy users need this camera fix: Turn your Galaxy S23 Ultra into the camera Samsung failed to make

Right! Here’s the deal Your Galaxy S23 Ultra takes bad pictures. I mean, it takes good photos if all you want is to showcase your breakfast on Instagram but, trust me, photos taken from your $1,000 Samsung phone can be so much better.

As someone who has been following the evolution of the smartphone camera for years, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the photos coming out of flagship phones from Samsung and Apple over the last 3-4 years look more and more artificial. But what Truly helped to cast a shadow on this problem are other Android flagship phones like Xiaomi 13 Ultra. In fact, Galaxy S23 Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro photos may look great in isolation, but as our most recent YouTube camera comparison shows (you’ll find it at the end of the story), Samsung and Apple cameras suddenly start to fall apart when put versus a real camera phone, which focuses on providing an authentic photography experience.

i don’t like the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, Galaxy S23 Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro tend to take overexposed and oversaturated photos. Their low-light images are also lackluster compared to the Xiaomi. However, by far the biggest problem with Samsung and Apple cameras is their tendency to do this sharpen excessivelyAND excessive process photos, resulting in unnatural landscapes, faces and textures in general. In other words, the Galaxy S23 Ultra photos do not appear to come from a dedicated camera. They have that “smartphone” look.

But I’m here with some great news! While Apple has historically been bad at allowing users to take full control of their cameras, Samsung is on the other end of the spectrum. Thanks to that, I can (and want to) show you how to make the Galaxy S23 Ultras look artificial Images in much more authentic photos just with a few quick camera settings! The best part? You’ll never need to touch those settings again.

Here’s how to turn the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s good camera into a great one! And for iPhone users… Maybe next year?

Fixed the biggest camera issue Galaxy S23, S23+, S23 Ultra, Galaxy S22; Samsung phones can take much better photos if you change the default Samsung camera settings

While some of you might expect that the secret to taking more natural photos with the Galaxy S23 Ultra (or other recent Galaxy phone) is to start shooting 50 or 200MP photos, it really isn’t necessary. Sure, shooting at 200MP will boost the natural detail in your photos, but those will be incredibly large in size and fill up your storage space very quickly. What is also useless for most normal people is shooting in Pro mode or in RAW format (available through Samsung’s Expert RAW app found in the Galaxy Store).

What you want to do instead is keep taking 12MP photos – this resolution is more than enough to give you a detailed picture. But you also have to change some camera settings – it takes literally seconds. That said, unfortunately, Samsung hasn’t made the process as easy as it should be, but (unlike the iPhone) at least you can still fix your Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera in no time.

You need to change the camera settings of your Galaxy S23, Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21 immediately, if you want to fix Samsung errors and take much better and more realistic photos

  • Turn off the scene optimizer – tap the settings button on the top left of the camera and turn off the Scene Optimizer; the Scene Optimizer is Samsung’s “smart” algorithm that is supposed to improve your photos, but actually makes your photos look less realistic; With Scene Optimizer enabled the sky in your photos will appear bluer, the grass will be greener and your food will have a more vibrant appearance which often contributes to that over processed look to photos which I would like to avoid

  • Download the Camera Assistant app from the Galaxy Store – this is one of countless Samsung apps to adjust camera settings; you want Open Camera Assistant, tap Soft Picture Effect and set it to Medium; this is the magic setting that eliminates excessive sharpening in normal 12MP photos and you no longer need to shoot at 200MP for a more natural look; it is truly a game changer that you have to try right away

  • Experiment with Auto HDR, which is the first switch you see when you open the Camera Assistant app; I say experiment because while turning off Auto HDR will pretty much result in a more natural, less processed image, it can also screw up some high-contrast photos, like when you’re shooting against the sun; this is because Samsung’s HDR is quite aggressive, and does not allow for middle ground: HDR is really on or really off

That’s all! Photos from your Galaxy S23 should now look much more natural, lifelike and authentic than what you were seeing when you took the photo. For example, you may have noticed that the sky and grass in some of the samples I shot are less blue/green, because the Scene Optimizer has been turned off, making the landscapes look more realistic. branches, grass, and most other textures (including the clouds in the sky) feel softer but in a good way. What’s cool is that setting the image softening to medium will also reduce noise in your photos, even those taken in daylight! However, photos from the Galaxy S23 Ultra have noticeably less detail than photos taken with a Xiaomi 13 Ultra, so Samsung still has a long way to go.

Samsung users complaining online: Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S23, Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21 can take great photos, but Samsung chooses to make it difficult

Here’s the thing. While allowing users to adjust the vibrancy, sharpness, and HDR of photos is great, those settings should be made available in the default camera app, Samsung. Take HDR, for example – it’s a basic camera setting that used to be available in pretty much every phone’s default camera app back in the day, just a click away. Now you have to download a separate Camera app to turn off HDR. What’s up with that?!

And as I said above, HDR is a very situational camera setting that you need depending on the scene you’re photographing. The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s current camera layout makes turning HDR on and off a pain in the back. I know this because I had to take hundreds of samples with HDR on/off for the sake of this comparison.

  • Also, why is the setting that corrects photos that look too sharp called photo soft effect? It seems that Samsung is insinuating that the photos of the exaggerated harp are the normwhile the softest and most authentic photos are for the crazy nerds who want to soften their photos
  • While it helps make photos look more natural, Samsung’s image softening appears to work exactly like a softening algorithm; it seems that instead of changing the initial processing of the JPEG, this setting applies the softening in addition to the default processing; maybe that’s why some photos taken with medium/high picture soft effect may look soft/blurry, that’s why I don’t recommend setting picture soft effect to high

Apple and Samsung continue to screw up iPhone and Galaxy cameras with bizarre image processing; Galaxy S23 Ultra can’t be the best camera phone if Samsung doesn’t take notes from Xiaomi 13 Ultra

Keep in mind that I’m not alone in criticizing the image processing in Samsung and Apple cameras. Our Victor shares my observations, as do many other tech enthusiasts and smartphone reviewers, while ordinary people on Reddit also complains about unnatural photos taken with the Galaxy S23 Ultra. In other words, this is not just my opinion.

And even then, while the Galaxy S23 Ultra can take more natural and better photos (with those settings enabled), the Samsung flagship is still far from something like a Xiaomi 13 Ultra. Again, you can check out our YouTube camera comparison of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, Galaxy S23 Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro for yourself. Xiaomi’s flagship is on a completely different level than the S23 Ultra, not to mention the iPhone 14 Pro.

How long do we have to wait for a Galaxy (and an iPhone) that allows us to take authentic photos without making an extra effort, Samsung (and Apple)? In my humble opinion, photography is about capturing a photo/moment as you see it, not about taking it an enhanced picture of your reality. We have Photoshop’s new generative AI for it (this story is coming soon).

So how about giving us two shooting modes, Samsung? Xiaomi allows users to choose between an authentic photo shooting mode and a vibrant one, which greatly helps users choose whether they want a realistic or Instagram-ready image. Let’s go now…

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