Tested: ESR’s new MagSafe Power Bank is even more versatile with additional wallet and holder

MagSafe accessories have matured quite a lot in the years since launch, with even newer players in the space like ESR stepping in to offer something refreshing. Today we take a hands-on look at its latest debut, with the new HaloLock MagSafe Power Bank offering a 3-in-1 design. As well as squeezing your iPhone 14 while you’re away from home, it will also double as a stand while sporting a slot to hold cards ID and bank cards.

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Practice with the new ESR HaloLock MagSafe Power Bank with Wallet

Providing one of the most versatile MagSafe power banks we’ve ever seen, ESR is packing even more features into the form factor than ever before. $50 or less price. All starting with a more premium build than other brands out there, there is a metal frame on the main body which is paired with some faux leather accents for its wallet functionality.

Not to overlook the actual charging capabilities, ESR’s new HaloLock MagSafe Power Bank packs a 5,000mAh internal battery. There are the same standard 7.5W charging speeds on every other MagSafe battery, from third-party solutions all the way up to Apple’s own internal model. A USB-C port on the side is not only used to recharge the accessory but also complement other gadgets.

Today we’re finding out whether the wallet’s additional features that set it apart from other MagSafe power banks on the market mean it’s a worthy addition to your setup, or just one that’s trying to be too many different things.

Here’s a closer look at the spec sheet:

  • Charge your phone, keep your cards safe and enjoy hands-free viewing in a stylish pocket-sized package
  • Simply connect the power bank to your phone to enjoy MagSafe-style automatic charging on the go with strong magnets that ensure a secure lock
  • The dynamic tension spring holds a card or two equally securely, while the easy-access cutout lets you remove them when you need them quickly and easily

9to5Toys Take

MagSafe power banks with built-in stands are nothing new, but ESR is looking to improve the whole experience with its latest version. Their new addition to the HaloLock range just launched earlier this spring and the company was kind enough to send it to me to check out. I’ve been using the new HaloLock MagSafe Power Bank for the past couple of weeks and I have to say this is one of the most amazing accessories I’ve gotten my hands on this year.

ESR is certainly not an unknown brand among 9to5Toys readers, but it’s one of the lesser-known additions to the brands we routinely share here. Making a name for itself by belittling the likes of Anker and other stables in our coverage, the brand’s latest release is muddying even that notion. Straight out of the box, and I’m shocked at how premium this build is.

I’m used to MagSafe power banks made with a plastic casing, like the recent ones I’ve reviewed from Belkin and Anker; even those high-end solutions have not yet escaped this trend. ESR in comparison is recording a metal frame employing a heavier finish to give this a more premium feel. Everything from its weight to the quality of the hinge on the folding stand and the faux leather accents feel great in the hand and left me impressed. So we are looking for as good a start as you will find.

The unique form factor of the latest ESRs is also what gives it some additional features compared to other models that have been featured on 9to5 in the past. The main one is the added wallet feature that has room for a couple of cards. It’s narrower than a standard MagSafe wallet, but has a small tab at the bottom that makes it easier to get your cards out. Otherwise, you’re largely looking at a typical MagSafe Power Bank. It will snap directly to the back of your iPhone 14, as well as previous generation iPhone 13 and 12 series devices. The foldable stand has a very premium feel that can stay securely in place at a variety of angles.

ESR is also avoiding the misstep that other brands have fallen into with the release of MagSafe power banks. Not to name names, but some of the alternatives I’ve looked at earlier suffer from having a charging port at the bottom of the unit, meaning you can top up the battery while it’s in use and holds your iPhone. Here, there is no such problem. It’s certainly a low bar to drop for some praise, but at least it deserves credit.

After the last few weeks, I really have to say that ESR’s new HaloLock MagSafe Power Bank with Wallet has earned a place in my daily bag. I won’t always reach for it compared to some of the other chargers I’ve fallen in love with, but when I need the leanest solution out there, this one is now at the top of my list. I personally loved having it with me for club nights where I want to have as little on my person as possible, but still need to know that I have the safety net of a little extra juice.

It checks all the boxes on the card and, more importantly, executes them. It’s an equally solid accessory that gets its own, securing a well-deserved place in your everyday carry. THE $50 the price tag makes everything so much better. Whether the ESR HaloLock MagSafe Power Bank with Wallet is right for you really depends on whether you need that 3-in-1 feature set in your life. But if you’re planning on minimizing your daily carry, this is hands down the best option out there.

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