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Motorola is launching a two-pronged attack on the folding flip market with the premium Motorola Razr 40 Ultra and the affordable Motorola Razr 40. Well, convenient in relative terms. For more details on the Ultra, we already have a full review and a video review. We also have a hands-on test with the vanilla Razr 40.

Motorola Razr 40Ultra/Razr 40+

The Razr 40 Ultra, or Razr 40+ as it will be known in the US, claims the crown in two categories: thinnest and largest foldable display. The former is achieved with an impressive dual-axis tracking teardrop hinge that allows the phone to close completely while measuring just 15.1mm. Huawei is the only company that has come close to that number (within a tenth), others up to a couple of millimeters thicker. And Moto promises an almost crease-free look thanks to ultra-thin glass.

The latter is thanks to the 3.6 pOLED display with 1,056 x 1,066 px resolution (a crisp 413ppi). Surprisingly, this display runs at 144Hz and is about as big as it can fit on the top panel. This display can run most apps well, it also supports HDR so you can watch high quality videos without opening your phone.

The Vanilla Razr 40 differs on two major points and two smaller ones. First, the cover display is tiny, at 1.5 it’s smaller than even the cover display on the Galaxy Z Flip4. Secondly, while the Ultra is powered by the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, the vanilla model gets the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 (not even the 7+ Gen 2).

The smaller two points are related to the fact that the phone uses the same hinge mechanism, but has a larger battery (4,200mAh vs 3,800mAh), so it’s thicker as it measures 15.8mm closed (weight is almost the same).

The vanilla phone features the same internal display, however, the impressive 6.9 1,200 x 2,640 px (22:9) panel with 144Hz refresh rate. As for the cameras, the Ultra is all about pixel size with its 12MP 1.4m main sensor (with a bright f/1.5 aperture), the vanilla model gets a 64MP 0.7m (f/1.7) sensor, both with OIS . Also, both have 13MP ultra-wide-angle cameras with autofocus for macro shots and a 32MP selfie camera inside.

Motorola Razr40

Ok, now that you have the context, it’s time to talk about pricing. The Motorola Razr 40 Ultra/Razr+ will be available in North America for USD 1,000/CAD 1,300. The vanilla model will not arrive, at least not yet.

In Europe, the Ultra phone will go for 1,200/1,050, while the Motorola Razr 40 will be 800. The Ultra is available now in Europe and will arrive later this month in North America.

For comparison, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip4 costs $1,100/860/960, while an Oppo Find N2 Flip costs $1,050. Another model to consider is the vivo X Flip, even if it is not available in Europe. And only the Galaxy is available in North America.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Oppo Find N2 Flip vivo X Flip

It’s time to vote, starting with the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra/Razr+. Will this phone finally convince you to make the leap to foldables? To update an old brochure? We suspect there will be a lot of regional variation, so be sure to leave us a comment as well.

Alright, now for the Motorola Razr 40. It’s cheaper, sure, but it is mashed potato economic? With the Galaxy Z Flip5 around the corner and talk of another foldable Google, are you getting one or do you think it’s best to wait?

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